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Alta or Rose Bengal is a deep red dye made from lac and used to grace the feet and hands of women and dancers in the North East regions of India. I’ve always seen the dye in glass bottles that stain red even after using it once, making it difficult to store and handle, especially after one is dressed up. Glass bottles also make it scary to hold because if this breaks and falls you’ll have very deep red dye stains all over the place, forever.

So it was nice to find a plastic bottle shaped to be held comfortably. Found this one right outside a durga temple in Calcutta. Love the kitschness and joba-ness of the cover and love the shape of the bottle and the chauka depiction on the front. The chauka is the basic position in Odissi and symbolic of Lord Jagannath.

Not too sure how well that stopper will work once open, but will definitely be more seal-proof than the screw-type cap.


Good Juicery Range

Pop colour cans for a new sparkly drink. Set off by vintage illustrations with fruit slice wheels and a font that’s neat and clear so you don’t have to spend more than a minute standing in the aisle clutching a can and squinting. Cool in size, comfy in hold. And from what I hear, good in more ways than one – with halo over can and all.

Available at stores across Pune and at Filter in Bombay.

Read more about Good Juicery here and like them here.


Packaging that makes me want to take out my blackest, inkiest pen and doodle on the last page of a smooth Moleskine notebook.

I like how BrownTree has taken the effort to do this one. Didn’t quite find anything else like this in their store. Also liked the size, it’s longish – makes you want to snip the top off and hold it in your hand and walk around munching almonds all days. If some says anything, just read out stuff from the pack :)

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The classic Indian tin trunk. Rattled across the oceans, pulled up and down the Grand Trunk Road and now back in a kitsch, new avatar. Use it as a table or stuff 7 days of meditation shawls into it and head up the Himalayas. Either ways, you’ll look quiet-cool. Conceptualised & illustrated by Rishi. Meet …

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Down To Earth soups come in packs that are both contemporary and traditional. A lot like the taste, wethinks. Madhubani art in subtle tones capture sweet little moments like a Red-riding hoody girl picking tomatoes and a Halloween celebration (erm, for the Westen market). Illustrated by Tanvi Choudhury ( for Thought Blurb ( Product details here,


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